Debbie Ash

Alexandria's District B  

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The Change You Want for Alexandria's District B



Opening schools for five-days-a-week instruction for each student. 

Continuing to provide challenging courses for gifted students.

Providing school choice, vouchers, and tax credits for home schooling. 

Funding School Resource Officers in the school for child safety and mentoring. 

Teaching the 1776 Project and "the Three R's" versus social engineering and indoctrination. 

Hiring a Superintendent who will represent our children's and families' best interests. 

Teaching students how to think, not what to think.


Debbie will partner with the Superintendent, teachers, families, and students to ensure every student receives an excellent education in Alexandria's schools. 

Debbie believes an additional high school is needed in Alexandria! 

Debbie will ensure our children are competitive in STEM.

Debbie will work to close the skills gap and redefine the definition of a good education. 

Debbie will promote trade school as well as the traditional college education. 

Debbie believes in alternative choices for learning and testing.